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Changing Data

Changing of payroll data - (not supported):

Any transactions that are entered through the system ultimately form the basis of calculations (tax, GST, on-costs), etc. Where changing the data in the system is possible these transactions are altered/updated accordingly.

When a process is completed; for example posting a pay run to the GL or exporting invoices, the system records information and locks the ability for users to change data after the fact.

This process means that there is consistency between the data collected externally through the system, for example payslips, invoices, journals and exports, and the system itself.

At times of user error it is often felt by the user that it would be more convenient to (carefully) change the data at the "back end" to amend the system to their desired state. Invariably at some point if the data changed the system no longer aligns with external reporting and an audit is required. This is compounded if multiple changes are made over time because there is no traceability as to which change was done when actually impacted the reporting of the system.

We understand that some serious mistakes will require back end changes but, as a rule, we do not change data for clients. In the event of errors tools like Credit Notes, manual journals and adjustments should be employed to achieve the desired results. If should be noted that any data changes:

   * Are charged a support fee
   * Come with no warranty
   * And are not supported, reconciled or priorities for us

We hope we have explained the sincere and valid reasons behind our position on back end data changes.