Recruitment Software

RecruitOnline comprises four types of system rolled into one:

  • ATS - Applicant Tracking System
    • A system to provide the application capture, recruitment workflow, storage and retrieval of applicant information and history
    • This part of the system maps out to the recruitment and "on-boarding" business processes
  • RMS - Recruitment Management System
    • A system to meet the wider Recruitment agency & Human Resources agenda of managing the internal and external client relationships, talent pools and staff performing the Recruitment & HR function
    • This part of the system facilitates the capture of wider information streams, reporting / KPI statistics, transactional processes (like casual bookings) and other aspects that contribute to the execution of the Recruitment / HR function
  • DMS - Document Management System
    • The primary source of information is documents - resumes, job descriptions and person specifications. A DMS is a system that provides the framework for capture, storage, search and retrieval of these files.
    • A key goal when designing a DMS is to create the framework to create meaningful relationships between files and record data.
  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management System
    • The system that facilitates the tracking or customer and prospect relationships and scheduling of future sales events
    • Our CRM includes integrated newsletters, email tracking, candidate flyers and individual/team KPI's

RecruitOnline Control Panel

Manage your desk or your team from one intuitive screen.

Control Panel Overview


The front page lets you know what you are doing and how you are tracking against your KPI's. You can even switch between users to collaborate on your workload or manage your staff.


Your task list can be linked to clients, candidates or jobs. Tasks can be tracked and delegated.


Every Recruiter needs to know which candidates are up for interview so that they can gain feedback and manage the placement process


The vacancies that are currently being advertised and recruited for are only a click away.


In a candidate short market the need to respond to applicants is paramount. Having a one click summary allows you to keep on top of your talent pipe line.

Not Advised

End the candidate frustration and close the gaps in the communication process by alerting yourself of any candidates that linger on closed jobs.


Nothing is more embarrassing than chasing a time sheet and being told that the temp never tuned up. RecruitOnline's Control Panel lets you know about all new starters so that you can put a call in and manage the client relationship.


Business development is a key part of the Recruiter's role. RecruitOnline's integrated CRM allows you to plan your call cycle and maximise your selling efficiency.

"No Gaps" CRM.
Manage your sales pipeline.

The sales cycle underpins every business and relationship management is a key factor in financial success. The CRM system clearly identifies hot leads in terms of value, call cycle and selling progress.

We have taken this a step further with a unique sales control panel that provides Management oversight and user prompts to compel results producing activity. We take this a step further by massaging the data captured in the sales control panel and generating meaningful prospecting reports.