Applicant Tracking

The primary role of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is to provide functionality and data pertaining to a candidate's progress through a recruitment project. The ATS is a component of the Recruitment Management System (RMS) which starts when the candidate registers their interest for a role. Typically this is done via responding to a job advertisement.

From the moment the candidate applies there is a responsibility and a level of expectation to be managed. RecruitOnline manages attributes that are linked to every candidate on a job by job basis. These attributes are used to track the exact position of each candidate within the application process.

An added benefit is removing the gaps in communication that occur when candidates are not responded to after a position is closed. In the event that a candidate is not advised and a position is closed, the Recruiter will be notified by a message on their control panel.

Automated Messaging

The ATS can be configured to enforce a set of custom workflow steps and each of these steps can be configured to trigger automated messaging, status changes and other outcomes.

Understanding Your Data

Candidate Relevance

Many of the efficiencies that drive a recruitment process come from aligning candidates' attributes and expectations with the specifics of the role. When writing an advertisement there needs to be a mindful balance of encouragement and qualification. Often when a Recruiter leaves the door too widely open in an advert, the numbers of candidates applying increases significantly and subsequently the % of quality applications falls sharply.

Large numbers of surplus applications have an administrative impact on the resources of the Recruiter and lead to large numbers of candidate rejection. For genuine job seekers, rejection can leave a negative impression of the brand they applied to. This can be avoided by monitoring the dispersion of applicants and adjusting the advert accordingly.

Candidate Sourcing

With so many channels available to the Recruiter to promote their vacancies it is important to keep a handle on which channels are procuring the most candidates and those of the best quality.

Candidate Sources:


Applicant Tracking is a significant part of the recruitment process and when handled correctly should provide efficiencies, dynamic work flows and foster positive candidate engagement. In addition, the system should be configured to provide actionable intelligence to the Recruiter to aid them in manipulating their approach around the nuances of a vacancy and the employment climate at the time.